Patricia Roach

Patricia Roach established her artistic credentials as a sculptor, working primarily in cast bronze. Initially a painter, she soon felt the desire to produce three dimensional work, being particularly drawn to primordial and biomorphic forms. Her curiosity eventually led to an impressive body of work in bronze casted sculptures.

Richard Shapiro

As a lifelong devotee of the arts, Richard Shapiro played several intertwining roles in the pursuit of his passions. Shapiro has, for nearly a decade, presided over his highly respected gallery, specializing in fine period furniture and works of art, as well as Studiolo, his designed collection of contemporary furniture.

Alex Downs

Alex Downs resides in Asheville, North Carolina. Focusing primarily on wooden sculpture, he has created a new process combining wheel thrown pottery, lathe turned wood, and chainsaw carving. Downs’ work includes both fine art sculpture and functional wood working. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute.


While working and studying in Europe, Cheryl admired Flemish and Parisian artists and how they loved art. Ekstrom appreciated the contrasts between our everyday hurried lives. In her latest series, she cast mid-century modern furniture icons with the hope to define the intersection between fine art and design.


Christina Kim designs dosa clothing and accessories: “I love clothing, but my aim is not to make fashion products. I want to make beautiful things that are experienced differently because they are made differently.” Kim accomplishes this through the creation of beautiful, light, thoughtful designs in her downtown Los Angeles studio.

Luisa Cevese

Luis Cevese’s Riedzioni is a collection of products made out of an innovative material which combines waste textile scraps such as kimono silk with plastic. The unusual production process developed by Luisa Cevese is a contradictory combination of craft and industry and ensures each piece is different but equally desirable.

Olivia Vought

Olivia began drawing at a young age. Her excitement for the arts lead her to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where she continued to draw, paint, and later sculpt. From one form to another, Olivia’s work captures the unique personalities of her subjects. We are proud to showcase her pieces in our space.

Aurora Lopez

Aurora Lopez Mejia creates jewelry engraving messages on her pieces that provide clienteles with deep insight and wisdom. “I have wanted to protect the fact that these pieces have become very sacred to them. My jewelry has never been about who wears it. It has been about the true meaning and inspiration that the pieces bring to the wearer.”

Filu Hats

In the heart of the Italian Alps, at the finest and possibly oldest hat factory in the world. Master artisans hand-make Filù hats using many of the same production techniques and machinery of a bygone era. The result is a collection of fine, rare hats that provide chic sun protection. Some can even be folded or rolled up for convenient traveling.

Urban Zen

Urban Zen is a destination for globally inspired clothes and objects. Each item is designed to pay homage to the past as it serves the present and creates a future by giving back. The Urban Zen Foundation’s mission is to create, connect, and collaborate to inspire change in well-being, empowering children, and preserving cultures.

Jim Olarte

Southern California native Jim Olarte is an habitué of the seashore who translates his affinity for the marine world into his distinctive hanging art. A self­taught master of macramé, he has refined this ancient seafarer’s craft into a modern art form distinguished by rigorous precision and experimentation with textures, materials, color and scale.

Alan Faye

Under the tutelage of the industry’s best designers in Paris and NYC, Alan’s work flourished. He gracefully mixes the high and low to give life to his work. With his extensive experience and trained eye, he combines traditional techniques with modern technology to produce elegant one off pieces.

Wren Ceramics

Rene Norman found herself intuitively sculpting figures. Small figurines soon grew into life-size faces that convey the meditative and tranquil surroundings where she lives in the hills of Ojai, CA. This environment of overflowing nature serves as her greatest inspiration and the birth place for her “Zenhead Vases” where each piece is sculpted by hand.

Jane Maroni

Jane Maroni is a multi-medium artist who has lived and traveled all over the world. Forever appreciative of the natural beauty that surrounds all of us, Jane has had a 25 year career of combining the creations of Mother Nature – driftwood, petrified wood, bark, bone, beads, coconuts and shells and embellishing them into furniture, jewelry and sculptures.